Monday, March 22, 2010

Mini-Winter Weekend in Dallas

The Artscape Art Fair at the Dallas Arboretum this past weekend was quite an experience! Not of the high-sales variety, ...although there were a few die-hard buyers roaming on the cold and wet Saturday, none of them were for me.

Ah, well... Sunday morning dawned like a fairy tale winter wonderland, and somehow I was not able to hold a grudge with God for destroying any hope of a sale.
Since the festival officials were allowing us to pack up at our leisure, I spent the morning roaming the grounds with my camera, trying in vain to keep my fingers warm as every 20 seconds or so I just had to snap another shot!
Here I've posted a few of my favorites.

It was truly an enchanted hour.

The crunch and squeak sound and feel of stepping in fresh snow brought back childhood in a rush of feeling.

By noon it was all slush, and by 3pm was all but a memory...
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