Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Cowgirl in Old Frame

This week I've been working on re-filling some old frames, in a vain effort to clear out some clutter and get rid of old, icky artwork. This new Cowgirl is about 13x17, made to fit in an ivory double mat and a very nice 16x20 handmade mesquite frame with copper stars which until recently held an old cowboy portrait due for recycling!

Unfortunately, when it was finished, I didn't like it in the mat. In my painting enthusiasm, I'd created a lovely vignette effect around the portrait which I now did not want to cover up.

I had 2 other old mats in the closet that would fit the frame, and I surveyed some friends for opinions...

Well, the object of this exercise was to re-cycle and save some money on framing, but it looks like I'll be finding some new matting for this one. Popular opinion also liked more of the paper showing, but the 3rd mat, which does this, is not the right dimensions for a vertical format. I might try a small linen liner...

*sigh* ...The things we go through for our artwork! But then, presentation (or "packaging") CAN make or break a work of art, and I've gotten a lot pickier as my artwork improves.