Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Beach Date"

"Beach Date" (pastel 8x8in)   sold

I don't normally reuse titles, but this similar image has had so many admirers and was so much fun to paint, that I've done it now 3 times. It has been a bit different each time, first in pastel, 5x5, then in a 5x5 oil for the disappointed client who missed the first one. This one I made a bit larger, shuffled the gulls positions, warmed up the colors and added a wave.

I was originally going to send this one to the silent auction at the IAPS Convention, but eventually made a different painting for that. This "Beach Date" will be at my booth in Kerrville for the Texas State Arts & Crafts Fair, May 28-30. (Unless someone buys it first!)
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