Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hortense (and the Quick-Sketch Portrait #4)

"Hortense"  (pastel, 7x5 inches)  click here to bid

Hortense has a slightly different look. I used more colors on her, with smaller, more impressionistic strokes. I think this is because I started on a busy day, with many interruptions, and finished on another almost-as-busy day. But through it all, the light, and her expression, stayed true. So I'm happy.

I named her Hortense because the name, for me, calls to mind an old fashioned, respectable, mature lady, whom no one could possibly put anything past without her being wise to it. This lady's expression says all that! I also found out from Wikipedia that 'Hortense' means 'gardener', so the fact that she's claimed her spot in the cool grass, giving her this visual connection to horticulture, seemed appropriate.

Here's "Hortense" yesterday as I left her, half completed:


Today at the Rodeo was somewhat less busy than yesterday. More people wanted profile portraits than frontals. Here's one I did today of a family's 3 children, in profile:

 ...and the 'profile' pose...
They were a fun bunch and very appreciative!
(these side-view portraits take me about 4 minutes to complete per face!)

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings!
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