Monday, February 27, 2012

The Quick-Sketch Portrait - day 18

(the portrait sketch: conte and pastel, 15x12 inches)

Well, the Rodeo is over now, whew! It went by fast, but it's always exhausting, especially the tear-down and pack-up! Sunday was the last day, and here's a sketch of a mother and daughter. I think I got a great likeness in the faces, but I didn't quite do justice to the hair styles.. Fitting two faces on the same page, while keeping in mind the size of the matting in hopes that one can sell a frame with the portrait, can sometimes be a challenge!

This Thursday and Friday is my workshop in Rockdale, TX, "Pastel in Miniature". I may not have time to post again until Sunday, but I'll be sure to try and get some shots from the workshop!
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