Monday, April 23, 2012

Garden Angel (my DPW Challenge- 2cd painting)

"Garden Angel"  (pastel, 11x8 inches)   click here to bid

Here's my second painting from my Daily Paintworks Challenge this week. I used the same method on this one; pastel over watercolor on Arches w/c paper. I managed to get some progress shots on this one!

Here's my studio setup. I wanted to paint this one for a specific old frame I had (see it resting at the top of the easel)
 Below is my chosen palette of colors, to harmonize well with the frame, which is a sort of tarnished silver look (it's actually a stained wood)
The watercolor underpainting I had done last week. On this, I started with my darkest pastels...

 The shadows got a little dark, so I began to lighten them, below.
 Here come the warm mediums that I specifically chose to match the frame.
 ...and the burst of color...
 At this point I checked it with the frame to see how it was working. looks good! I plan to order a 1 1/2 to 2" linen liner to fit inside the frame - that's why you see the painting is smaller.
 Just a few finishing touches...
and it's all done!
I'll be offering this painting on the DPW auction, unframed, until the linen liner is ready. If no one snaps it up at auction, I'll frame it and reprice it at retail.

If you haven't seen the DPW Challenge yet, that inspired this painting, click here! Below is the photo that I cropped to compose this painting, and yesterday's. Can you find the angel?

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