Friday, March 8, 2013

Creek Bend

"Creek Bend" (pastel over watercolor, 12x9 inches)  click here to bid

My last painting from my weekend workshop in Rockdale, Texas was from the old 1912 iron bridge. We spent Sunday along the San Gabriel River at Apache Pass (see yesterday's post for details!) We had an incredible breakfast and lunch catered by Kit and Linda Worley, owners of the soon-to-be-open Apache Pass Steakhouse. It was the only time I can remember being distracted from the views by the food long enough to not care how quickly the sun was moving across the sky!

 The older ladies stayed inside in the afternoon, but D.K. was nice enough to hang out while I was doing my underpainting and took some shots.

 I really put a lot into this underpainting...

 While working on the pastel, D.K. started her own painting of the view. But Mary Claire came by and took some shots when I was done. I love how she lined up the painting with the reality!

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