Monday, March 11, 2013

Morning Glade (and Terri Ford Demo!)

"Morning Glade"  (pastel, 12x12 inches)  click here to bid

OK! I've finally taken the Terri Ford workshop that's been on my calendar for months! A part of me wishes these last two weekends had been switched so that I could have learned from Terri before my own workshop in Rockdale. She had us do two different underpaintings, with pastel washed in with denatured alchohol. Saturday's painting was a 'notan', or monochromatic, underpainting, with a dark blue-green pastel. Sunday's painting was using various colors in the underpainting (see tomorrow's post!)

Today's post shows my painting from Saturday, with the monochromatic underpainting (see below)

You see the cup of alcohol, the Nupastel 305 (Spruce Blue) that Terri highly recommends for underpainting, an old bristle brush, and paper towel for making sure you keep just the right amount of alcohol on your brush when washing in the pastel.

Below is the much more impressive Terri Ford demo from Saturday, of some trees with light on them:

 This was as far as Terri got on Saturday...

...but she had worked on it a bit more by Sunday (see here), and was adding a few more strokes after the workshop ended (I didn't get a shot) because lucky Jan Weaver had bought it!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, and the full color underpainting!


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