Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trees, Standing (and upcoming workshop!)

"Trees, Standing"  (pastel, 6x6 inches) click here to bid

Here's my second small painting from Sunday, after watching Terri Ford's demo (see yesterdays post) I was very happy with how this one came out; I was able to keep the fresh, spontaneous feeling that I like. This image was all about the shadows and the decisive and firmly planted trees. I almost called it "Standing Firm." Maybe I'll use that title on a larger version (ha - if I ever get around to it!)

This was another local-color underpainting. See it with the reference photo below.

Speaking of small paintings, here's a reminder of my first out-of-state workshop coming up soon on April 5-7, 2013! In Ulysses, Kansas, at The Main ARTery Kansas Fine Art Gallery (LOVE that name!) The workshop will be focused on miniature pastel painting (8x10 or smaller.) There are still a few spaces available! Click the info below for a better view..

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