Wednesday, July 10, 2013


"Stroganoff" (pastel, 7x5 inches)  click here to bid

Here's another one I've painted before, near the beginning of my adventure years ago and I called her "Blue."...
"Blue" pastel, 7x5 inches, 2011
And, while searching my files I also found that I've painted her at least twice more from another photo, and called her "Ruby" and the larger "Yin"...
"Ruby" pastel, 6x6 inches, 2012

"Yin" pastel, 12x12 inches, 2012
 She was very photogenic. So was her sister, who was with her in the same photo shoot. They looked very much alike, except her sister had more white on her face and an interesting pattern on her nose:
"Scarlett" pastel, 6x6 inches, 2012

 Scarlett was a starlet and loved the camera. I did these 3 paintings of her from various shots, including 2 in oil...
"Hugo" oil, 6x6 inches, 2012

"Nellie" oil, 6x6 inches, 2012

I might be digging into my back photos for upcoming paintings to see what faces are worthy of repetition!


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