Friday, September 20, 2013

'Ian at Breakfast' in Strokes of Genius 6

"Ian at Breakfast"  (pastel, 18x14 inches)

 I'm pleased to announce that this portrait will be included in North Light Books "Strokes of Genius, Vol. 6" which will be published in October 2014!

This is my one portrait of my son by himself, which I did as an answer to his question one day "Hey, Ma, how come you always draw Audrey?" (who I've painted no less than 5 times.) I said "Well, it's a matter of photogenics..."

So I searched through my family photo files and found this one from when he was still young enough to not be self-conscious or deliberately silly in front of a camera. I remember when I took the photo; it was definitely the light that caught me, and I may have thought even then that I would paint this scene.

Ian, who now goes by Robert, is 16 this year. When I told him of this recognition gained by his portrait, he said "Show me." and then nodded and said "Hmm."

I think that means he's pleased.


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