Wednesday, January 29, 2014


"Aislinn"  (pastel, 6x6 inches)  click here to bid

The last of my current batch of dailies for this week, unless I get done with my special secret project earlier than expected, which isn't likely. My special secret project is my new entry for the Austin Pastel Society's annual juried exhibit (which I never miss!) and the deadline is Friday. Midnight. Yes, 2 days from when I write this on Wednesday night. The good news is I think I'm about halfway done and I'm optimistic about finishing on time.

So you wonder what it is?? It's a bison, kinda' big, 30". I'm painting it just in just the same way I paint all my other large animal paintings, but it's like no other pastel painting I've ever seen, and maybe like none you've seen either. Framing will be my biggest hurdle, but I think I've got it covered. That's all I'm saying. If it looks good I'll post it on Saturday. Anyone want to guess the secret before then?

Meanwhile, here are a few progress shots of Aislinn:

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