Sunday, August 24, 2014


"Bud"  (pastel, 6x6 inches)  click here to bid

This one was giving me trouble out in my studio on Friday. I ended up wiping the whole thing down to the primer and starting again. But by then it was too late to finish that day. Yesterday I went back out to discover that the a/c was broken. Ugh! To quote the B 52's, it was Hot as an Oven! I fumed for a while, then gathered my Heilman pastel box, travel easel, drawing board, and iPad and hiked the 200 feet back to my kitchen.

It was like old times! A part of me still misses working on my kitchen island. The light is really great, especially in the daytime with all the lights on, and a clip light above me on the pot rack. And this time I added a new dimension -- Ear buds! Pandora has become an addiction while I paint. In the studio I use speakers, but didn't want to carry those to the house with everything else, so I dug up my ear buds and stuck my phone in my pocket. Wow! What a difference great 'in-the-head' stereo makes. I might never use the speakers again! I named this one "Bud" to commemorate.

Here's the whole process, including my Friday back-track:

 Ugh! Highlights way too bright. It felt messy and inharmonious. Sometimes when you're just not 'feelin' it, ya gotta just call it a loss and take it back to the beginning. (One of the benefits of working small! No big deal!)

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