Friday, August 8, 2014

Road Sketch #32 (..and an Angie Brown floral demo)

"Road Sketch #32"  (oil, 5x7 inches)  click here to bid

Here's my first completed painting from today (started yesterday) in Angie Brown's "Fast and Loose" workshop. Ok, for me this is loose, but it wasn't that fast! It was supposed to have been done yesterday. Angie is teaching us "Alla Prima" which literally means "at first attempt" and in the art world is a term meaning "wet-on-wet"; you start and finish the painting while all the paint is still wet. I kinda learned this in Carol Marine's workshop in 2011, but afterwards had settled into my preferred method of oil painting (for the short while that I was oil painting..) which is creating a monochromatic umber underpainting, which dries by the next day, then painting the color over it on the second day. (See one of my 2012 paintings, "Danger: Gull!")

Yesterday, we first did a monochromatic study of our chosen subject. Most students used black, white and greys. I wanted to be different and being more comfortable with umber, used that for my study:
"Road Sketch #32 study" oil, 5x7 inches
(Man! That wet road was a bugger!) Btw: this study is a separate painting from the color version above; it's not an underpainting, though I joked that I wanted to do my color on top of this one to save time, I was a good student and didn't do that!

Angie had demoed a floral today, in the style frequently used by artists such as Jeremy Lipking, where the subject is a 'vignette' and the painting fades out into the rest of the canvas, which is left bare. Here's Angie at work!

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