Friday, October 3, 2014

The Unwilling Participant

"The Unwilling Participant"  (pastel, 12x9 inches)  $495 framed

Here's one that I've had in reserve since July. I actually painted it with the intention of entering it into the American Impressionist Society exhibit, but decided at the last to enter other works (of which "Duckling" got in!) So I entered this one into three other exhibits (I won't say which ones but they were all National..) and it repeatedly did not get in! I don't mind (no, really!) because 2 of those 3 shows accepted my other entry, and I really like this one so I don't mind keeping it where I can look at it occasionally. ;)

But let that be a lesson to any artist who gets 'rejected' from any exhibition jury. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW! All jurors are human beings, and one will like what another will overlook in a glance. You can't take it personally. You just need to paint more so that you can enter more shows and increase your odds through sheer numbers. Plus the more you paint the better you get, and one of your next paintings will get into something else.

So I'm happy because now I can take this bunny to the Bayou City Art Festival, Oct 11 & 12, and meet the future buyer myself instead of it selling to some anonymous person at an out-of-state exhibit. (I'll be in booth #590, btw, come see me and my other brand new work!!)

Here a shot with the frame. Advance purchase inquiries will be welcome before I load the tuck on Oct 9...

Here are a few progress shots:

In the end I thought that the fold in the boy's shirt was distracting, so I took it out.
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