Saturday, November 8, 2014

3 Little Goatie Goats - day 8

"3 Little Goatie Goats"  (pastel, 10x20 inches)  sold

Day 8 in my self-inflicted goal of 60 Paintings in 30 days! (30-Paintings-in-30-Days-of-November-Plus-up-to-30-More-to-Carry-Over-into-December... Maybe?)

This started as a demo for the Highland Arts Guild in Marble Falls, TX, right before the workshop last month. One of my workshop attendees staked her claim on it before it was even finished! Finally I completed it as part of my November challenge.

Here are some progress shots:

This is as far as I got in the demo..
 A few days after the workshop, worked on it a bit more.

   I had problems with the background and wiped off the horizon line.

 I continued a few days ago... but I didn't like this background, at all! That horrid lime green (which was one of my favorite colors in some other paintings) just was not working here!
So I wiped off the entire background. Actually a frequent occurrence in my larger paintings.

 I decided to go with sky and a distant tree line.
 And light pressure on the pastel to allow the primer to resonate. That worked.
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