Wednesday, February 4, 2015


"Hunter"  (pastel, 6x6 inches)  click here to bid

Unbelievable. This is the first painting done in my studio (besides one pastel portrait commission) since November!! Man! I had a bad case of lethargy that kept feeding on itself. I blamed anything and everything. After the 30 paintings in November I just needed a break, then I had to drive to Del Rio for the Art Walk, then there was the craft show in December with portrait drawings then came Christmas and I needed another break then that portrait commission was in a difficult phase but surely I could put that off until after the PSST demo in Houston but then the kids went back to school and I had to switch back to that daily grind of 6am's (which didn't always work) and I don't know what happened to the second weekend in January because all of a sudden it was time for the workshop in Raymondville (and a perfectly gorgeous drive to the valley!) then the 20th was sales tax day and I thought I was doing better because I did mine on the 19th and then I must have worked on the portrait some more because I finally got it done but I also had to deal with a frame order needed for the rodeo in February that UPS lost and rust some stars for the barnwoods (which were not lost but delivered some other day last month) and all month long I was wondering what to paint for the APS show deadline on the 31st and spent half a week composing a photo reference for a potentially award winning painting that I never started and instead entered 3 older works and this week I finally balanced my checkbook on Monday and Tuesday (yes it took two whole days - caught up from last August) and did the 1099 on Candice today which must have been that last bit of tangled web holding me back because when my husband texted me that he could pick up the kids today I took my phone out to the studio, turned on Pandora, plugged in the iPad, taped this already-primed bunny to my board, and painted it!

It took more than an hour, which for this size was a bit too long, but IT SURE FELT GOOD!!! And I like it, too.

Anybody else have months like that?

I sure hope I've snapped out if it now and will paint more tomorrow. ...But the Rodeo setup starts Monday afternoon and I still have to...

Arg! Tell me to shut up! And here are some progress shots, which is what you'd rather hear...

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