Friday, February 27, 2015

Triple Quick Sketch at the San Antonio Rodeo (and more!)

Triple Quick Sketch at the San Antonio Rodeo (conte pencil and pastel, 16x12 inches)

Oh, I've been so overworked this last week. Candice, My #1 protege, has been promoted  (within Kaman's Art Shoppes, my 'alma mater') and had to leave for Ohio last Wednesday. So I've been alone ever since. (For those of you in the 'know', I've made new price signs for the weekends, with a $4 price hike over my weekday prices.)

I'm gearing up for the last weekend, which might be busy or might not be - depending on the weather, as usual. We've got another cold front coming. But maybe the cold will send all the guests to the indoor markets like the coliseum and other buildings!

You can find me in the Coliseum (The Texas Star Marketplace) booth 400.

Meanwhile, you, my blog subscribers, can get an exclusive preview of my latest work, done for the International Association of Pastel Societies Master Circle Exhibition, which will show during the annual convention in June. The deadline is March 1, so I've been concentrating on this painting these last 2 weeks (yes, while at the rodeo!) and finally have it finished!

I'm calling this one "The Flower Queen" (20x15 inches, pastel on pastel primer and pumice gel, over gold leaf)

I am so relieved to have this done, you have no idea! Literally every spare moment of my time has been devoted to this painting since the beginning of the month. I have several small underpainted animal 'dailies' at my booth since early on, and if tomorrow is slow enough, I'll get one or two done and will have some new auctions in a day or two!

If I have time, I'll post progress shots of this one in a few days. It was a real bugger, with lots of stops and backups, and was like nothing I've ever done before!


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