Saturday, May 2, 2015


"9"  (pastel, 16x16 inches)  $990 Available at The Gallery at Round Top

Short break from the circles to show you my newest square. I created this one as a companion piece for the deer "The Better to Hear You With, My Dear" which was my 'odd painting out' because of being framed with a mat in a 24x24 narrow contemporary frame. Matted and framed the same, "9" will balance the deer on the other side of the window in the Garden Gallery of the Rockport Art Center during my show Beauty of the Beast, May 14 - June 13, 2015. Reception on May 16, 4:30pm.

Here are some progress shots. As usual, it was the background giving me the most trouble. The intense bright sky just wasn't working here, so I called up the deer painting to harmonize. And I decided I liked the ear tag on this portrait, but the odd shaped long number wasn't doing it for me, so I simplified.

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