Friday, July 31, 2015

Little Piggy Pink

"Little Piggy Pink"  (pastel, 7x5 inches)  $200 unframed for a limited time

One of the demos from my workshop in Paso Robles CA last weekend.

I'm feeling the pain of having not painted all week. I suppose there's never a good time for one's hard drive to die, but mine creaked out its last breaths right before I left for CA, so I ordered a new SSD drive which was waiting for me when I got back, and this week I've been mostly re-installing stuff. Funny how easy it is to forget what a pain in the @s$ that can be. I've reinstalled Windows on a computer and even reformatted a hard drive at least 3 times in my life, so I don't get anxious about it (esp now that I use Carbonite as well as a local backup) I just make sure I remember to de-activate Adobe CS3 so that I can reinstall it on the re-born desktop.  But my goodness, it's always more complicated to do the simplest things when you don't have everything right where it usually is. It took me almost an hour yesterday just to print some bios. First I had to load Adobe CS3 (since I had never saved my latest bio updates to PDF) then download my bio files from Carbonite (since Carbonite takes like a week to restore as many files as I have!)  then I had to search out my saved fonts (because the newly installed Windows didn't have a couple of the fonts in my bio - I should have anticipated that because that's why I always back up my fonts...) Then I had to load the printer driver to get my computer to see it on the network. In the midst of that I had some trouble with my home network/internet connection and had to finally switch from the wired connection to wireless in order to download the driver and connect to the printer.  Ugh.

I should have just woken up my 17-yr-old computer-geek son and had him do all of it for me (as he was the one to load me up with the new Windows -- from a flash drive no less!) but there's something innately satisfying to being able to do most of this annoying computer stuff on one's own, esp at my age! (Use it or loose it, as they say!)

Next week I'm off to Nebraska for another workshop (road trip this time!) Hopefully I'll post again before I go.

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