Monday, August 3, 2015

Road Sketch #34

"Road Sketch #34" (pastel, 5x7 inches)

One of my demos from the CA workshop. I cropped and color adjusted a pic from the morning drive on the Thursday before when my friend Michele took me a winding scenic route through some hills to the coast. Landscape not being my strong area, this painting went through its own winding visual progressions before I finally had to cut myself off! Then I went back and softened everything afterwards in an attempt to disguise the overworked-ness. (If that's not a word, it aught to be!)

It's not too bad now, I guess, but I've done better. (I should do a whole month of landscapes soon to get myself back in the swing of it!)

I hit the road tomorrow for my "Why Paint Small?" workshop in Valentine Nebraska next weekend. I'm heading out early since I'm pretty sure I want to stop in Fort Worth and see the current special exhibit at the Kimbell on my way! Road Trip!! :D


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