Saturday, October 24, 2015

Evening Glade

"Evening Glade"  (pastel, 14x11 inches)  click here to bid

This painting is on Wallis paper that is mounted on a 16x20 board so is suitable for matting with a frame, or it can be trimmed and framed without a mat. This was the most successful of my paintings in the Barbara Jaenicke workshop last weekend. What stuck me about the scene was the strong diagonal shadow, and the way the lights and shadows danced on the tree trunks. I kinda sorta caught a little bit of what I wanted to catch. I'm pretty happy with this one. (I do like the sky holes!)

Today I continued to clean the studio. I got so far as to (get my husband to) hang the french hanging rods on the left wall. First I had to clear that entire side of the room (which was the worst!) and mop the floor on that side. My agent from The Gallery at Brookwood will be stopping by tomorrow to pick out some pieces to take, so when I got the rods in place, I filled the wall with paintings.

 Unfortunately, everything that was on that side of the room is now on the other side of the room, so you don't get to see that side yet! Ha! Hopefully tomorrow will make good progress, but I'm pretty sure the clutter will need to be redistributed throughout the room once again. ...It's a puzzle, and I love puzzles!

Meanwhile, here are some shots of "Evening Glade" in progress:

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