Wednesday, October 7, 2015


"Larry" (oil, about 16x17 inches)

The New Braunfels Art League in my home town just started a portrait group again after several years going without one. I've decided this time I'm going to use it to improve my oil portraits (of which I've done approximately 4 in my life! ... Including this one!)

Each first Tuesday of the month (hopefully) I'll have a new oil portrait from life to share with you!

Here are some shots of my progress, and the group. We let the model break after 20 minute sittings, so these shots are at about 20 minute increments.

I don't consider it "finished", but then what painting is ever actually "finished"? I slapped in the yellow on the lit side of his face in the final moments of my last 20 minute allotment, after he got up, in a desperate attempt to add warmth to the light. (Had to leave early to pick up the kids.)

I do like the shirt, and the hat. Lol.

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