Monday, January 18, 2016

Fairy Rose

"Fairy Rose"  (pastel, 9x12 inches) $1350

I've been hibernating this month, getting bogged down with paperwork and household chores, and kind of getting depressed from the painting withdrawal symptoms (...and from the paperwork and household chores...) So I need to give a huge Thank You to my friend and fellow pasteler Gail Sibley, who had me write a guest post for her blog, How To Pastel, for January. Well, she posted it early this morning, and suddenly I realized I'd better get something good (and recent) on my own blog just in case I get residual visitors from hers after reading my article. (Read it Here!)

So I popped into the studio and warmed up with a little rooster (which I'll post tomorrow) then brought this one down from the shelf and was determined to finish it! (Started it at the same time as "Familiar".)

I've not yet decided what to do with her yet. Likely will be the Austin Pastel Society annual juried exhibit, but that entry's not due until the 31st, and Pastel Society of the West Coast is due in two days! Hmmm, decisions, decisions...
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