Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Portraits at the San Antonio Rodeo

Double quick-sketch portrait (conte pencil and pastel, 12x15)

I know!! I haven't posted in a LONG time!

Well, January was way too short a month to take "off", trying to catch up with paperwork and taxes (which I still haven't done, lol) and now it's the middle of February and the San Antonio Rodeo! Can you believe I've been sketching portraits there since 1994?! How time flies!

I especially wanted to post this portrait because I drew this girl four years ago, AND took a photo of it! I do get various people back to be drawn year after year, but it's memorable for me to get someone whom I felt I drew well enough to want to photograph the portrait...

quick-sketch portrait 2012
Now she's married and had her portrait with her husband. Here they are with their portrait from yesterday!

The rodeo continues through February 28. You can find me on the floor of the Freeman Coliseum, right down the stairs from the front entrance.

For more rodeo info, see their website at
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