Sunday, June 19, 2016

Young Duck Resting (or "How to Fold a Duckling", refreshed)

"How to Fold a Duckling" (pastel, 5x7 inches) click here to bid

Lately, I've been sorting through a few of my paintings that for whatever reason have never found a new home, and seeing what can be done to give them a new life!

This duckling, from a few years ago, has been one of my personal favorites since the moment I painted it. Such a funny and unusual pose! But it's direct from a shot I took at a petting zoo, so I think ducklings really do fold themselves up like this sometimes, to rest...
See it there in the upper left?
I refreshed it today with more fluff, and some cooler notes in the background. Since it's out of the frame I decided to give it another round on auction!

Here' are a few shots of the original progress from way back...

original version
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