Monday, July 11, 2016

C is for Cheetah

"C is for Cheetah"  (pastel, 20x10 inches) $800 framed

This will be the largest painting in my Animal Alphabet Series, in order to do justice to the spots. It also might very well be the ONLY pastel cheetah.   I.  Ever.  Paint.


(OMG, those spots! I don't know how all those wildlife artists do it. ...With acrylics, maybe.)

Some progress shots:
 3 layers of the gold primer, and the spots in terra cotta. (For a more in-depth description of my underpainting materials and process, see this post!

 The background in terra cotta, and some terra cotta "shading" on the figure, using a damp sponge.

 Then the pastel...

 I can't decide between the dark frame or the gold frame. I like them both, but am leaning a bit toward the dark. If you buy it before it's framed, you get to pick! ;)

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