Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Bovines

"The Bovines" (pastel, 35x48 inches) $6900

Well, here it is, the largest painting I've ever done! I've had this on my mind for years, ever since I took the reference photo, which I haven't edited in any way except for some color enhancement. These cows were a hoot! A large mixed herd on a beautiful sunny afternoon on the way to Victoria TX. The Brahman on the left was an attention hog and wanted to be the star of the show. She kept following me down the fence line, with her four friends trailing along. These five were the friendliest of the entire herd. They were so photogenic I was happy to let them monopolize the entire photo shoot.
the photo

Here are just a few of the many progress shots:

 Well, one small edit: I decided the flipped back ear was ambiguous, so re-painted it frontwards...

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