Friday, September 8, 2017

Locke at the Ohio Wildlife Center

"Locke" (pastel, 8x6 inches) sold

My demo yesterday for the Ohio Pastel Artists League was held at the Ohio Wildlife Center in Powell OH, on the north edge of Columbus. Elyse, the caretaker there, brought out their permanent resident screech owl, Locke, as a charming visual aid to her presentation about the Center, and by the way, as a subject for me to paint!

The lighting in the room wasn't ideal, so instead of working from life, I took some photos by the window earlier in the evening.
I was thrilled to paint another screech owl, after keeping one of my own paintings from years ago, of another screech owl I fell in love with from a rescue place in north Texas.
"Portrait of a Screech Owl" (pastel and pastel pencil, 7x5 inches) 2007, collection of the artist..

I didn't quite get the demo done last night, but finished it this afternoon. Here's a shot during the underpainting process:

Thanks for reading! Check out the Ohio Wildlife Center and consider sending your support!

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