Thursday, March 8, 2018


"Tika" (pastel, 7x5 inches) sold

Tika is the beloved pet sheep of a good friend. Tika was Kaye's first sheep, which she bottle-fed by hand and raised with affection. Having met Tika enough times to have an abundance of photos, I can attest to her friendly nature (and her super-soft coat!)

Kaye also has Longhorn cattle, Boer goats and Pigmy goats. I've painted quite a few of her animals over the years (many paintings of which are now in Kaye's extensive art collection!) Here are some that I recall while browsing through my image files:

"Gable" (pastel, 6x6)
"Gracie" (pastel, 7x5)
"Lilbit" (pastel, 7x5)
"Sesame" (pastel, 7x5)

"Patches" (pastel, 8x8)
"Dry Bath" (pastel, 8x8)

"Safety Zone" (pastel, 16x16)
"Lunch al Fresco" (pastel, 18x14)
 Btw, I just installed nifty little articulating camera mounts in my studio, and was able to get video of the entire painting process of Tika. My daughter will be working on the editing, and will post on my YouTube channel when it's done. Keep an eye out!

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