Friday, June 29, 2018


"Magenta" (pastel, 12x6 inches) $300 unframed for a limited time, or $385 framed.

I had prepped up a couple more cropped half-face underpaintings after the success of Black Jack. This young heifer was one of them that I finished today. I call her Magenta for her warm rusty brown coat. I believe she's some kind of crossbred Hereford/Whiteface/etc.

I came across an interesting pdf when looking up "mixed whiteface horned female cow" (just to make sure that this one was indeed a heifer in spite of the horn...) This issue of a newsletter called The Whiteface talks about cross-breeding for healthier cattle. (Note: it is written for the cattle business, so a warning to y'all vegetarians and cow lovers, you might not enjoy the reminder of the purpose of cows...) I admit I didn't read the whole thing because it's kinda long, but I found parts of it quite interesting; it reads like part medical journal, part genetics analysis, and part business report. Which, I guess, is what it is.

I apologize if the topic of the cattle business is upsetting to anyone, but as I've said before (way back during my "beef-names" period) I find the natural beauty and charm of these furry creatures to be dimmed not one whit by their purpose and fate in this world economy. Their attraction is perhaps even more beautifully poignant because of their short lives (although I'm friends with several longhorn "pets" who will never see a dinner table!) In addition, it's the intriguing paradox that if it weren't for the beef industry, we would have far, far less of these lovable and curious critters gracing our fields and brightening our road trips.

I prefer to "live in the moment" anyway, and I just think cows are beautiful, as are all animals (and plants, and rocks, and...)

And meanwhile, here are a few progress shots of Magenta:

How Magenta will look in her frame...
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