Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Blue Boy

“Blue Boy” (pastel over acrylic/pumice primers, 8x8 inches) $300 unframed for a limited time, or $375 framed.

This plump Angus bull was my final animal demo in Greensboro last week. I’ve been trying to demo at least one painting in each new workshop that will demonstrate my new blue primer color in my under-painting. I’m ready finding it exciting, but it needs a definite “blue-ness” to the animal for best impact. This bull is mostly the under-painting! ...Which I guess would make him technically a mixed-media rather than pastel...
But the terra cotta primer and the ultramarine layer up so well together!

For a pretty good description of this process with the blue, read my post for “Blue Bunny”!

The only difference with this bull was that I forgot to put some terra cotta before the blue and layered it in between instead... but got the nice deep dark effect I was hoping for anyway!

See progress shots below:

 This is what the finished under-painting looked like! Not much more to do!

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