Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunset #51

"Sunset #51"  (pastel, 8x8 inches)   sold

This was my fourth and final demo of my workshop last weekend. At lunch times, I would put my iPad in the middle of the table, showing a slideshow of my artwork, and several students admired my sunset series. I hadn't done one in a while, but was game for a demo. This was from the same set of photos that I used for my very first sunset painting ("Sunset #1", of course! Which I did in a D. Larue Mahlke workshop.) This time, I was brave enough to attempt the water reflection.

Below are some progression photos:

This is as far as I got in the demo. I finished it today. I promised one student I would take progression shots of the remainder, but there really wasn't much left. (OK, actually I just forgot to!) But here's a description from here: I smoothed out from this point with a bit of plastic bag over my finger, then added just a few more blues and oranges and yellows to the water, smoothing with the plastic as I went. I also adjusted some colors in the sky and broke up the cloud pattern on the right side a bit, as I felt that the one middle cloud was too solid across the sky. I did not use the plastic bag blending on the final layers.

I will be framing this by Wednesday this week, to take to the Artscape Art Fair in Dallas, next weekend, March 16-18.
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