Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Blue Chairs - at IAPS 2022

 Hi y'all! Here's "Blue Chairs" (pastel, 6x8 inches) my first painting of IAPS 2022. bid or buy on DailyPaintworks

Today (Tuesday) was my "off" day at IAPS (The biggest pastel party on the planet!) I ran some errands, got some groceries and relaxed a bit. In the afternoon, Laurie Basham (president, Piedmont Pastel Society,) with whom I'm sharing a house with along with my road trip buddy Esther Jones, came back to the house and we sat on the patio chatting. Suddenly the sun came out, and I said "We should paint those chairs!"

And so we did. Even thought the sun went away again a few minutes later (ah, the joys of plein air) it was nice enough to come back out for us right as we were finishing up! Laurie caught some little vid clips of me painting, so I put them together with the pics I took, for your enjoyment.

See a brief montage I made of "Blue Chairs" here!

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Sunrise on a Wave

"Sunrise on a Wave" (pastel, 20x10 inches) $650 framed

I pasteled this at my Wednesday Virtual Open Studio, the last before going to IAPS! I had underpainted it in Lyn Asselta's workshop in March but hadn't gotten to finishing it then. The underpainting is pastel washed in with denatured alcohol, on Wallis professional paper (yes, I still have a few sheets!) The reference photo is from a family vacation years ago, somewhere on the east coast. I remember we had stayed in a little motel with a patio that led on to the beach, and I was so eager to get sunrise pics, I woke up before everyone else and snuck out with my camera!

See a quick speed video here!


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Half-Faced Hereford


"Half-Faced Hereford" (pastel, 12x6 inches) bid or buy

Thank you to the Pastel Society of Southern California for having me do a Themed Thursday with them on Zoom last week!  This was an informal "paint-along" demo, and I decided to paint this simple half-faced Hereford cow, because I like the colors, and the light/shadow value patterns.
So, yeah! Since their Themed Thursdays are free events (some of you were there after I posted about it earlier,) the resulting video is also free! Whhoo-hoo! 😀 Here it is on the PSSC YouTube Channel

You can find future PSSC Themed Thursdays on their events page when they have one coming up. Past events are there too!

Wednesday, June 8, 2022



"Highlander" (pastel, 6x8 inches) bid or buy

Here's the star of my Highland Cow Paint-Along from Saturday! The reference photo was generously shared by my friend and fabulous animal artist Frances Daunt. She lives in the UK, with easier access to these shaggy darlings than I have in Texas. 🙂

My Moo-tastic Muses and Bunny Buddies can access the entire paint-along video! Meanwhile, enjoy this speed video!

Friday, June 3, 2022

Snowy Bun

"Snowy Bun" (pastel 8x6 inches)

Bid or buy for a limited time on DailyPaintworks

The Fremont Art Association had me demo for them on Wednesday. They like my cute fuzzy animals so I did this cute fuzzy bunny for them! 

Enjoy these progress pics from the video: