Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daily Paintworks Challenge!

Today I found out about the newly established Daily Paintworks Challenge (Thank you Carol!) I knew if I thought too much about it, I'd find reasons why I just don't have the time... so I didn't think, I just took a leap and got painting! Here's my entry--

"Parked" pastel, 5 x 5 sold

I'm taking an even bigger leap, and listing this on Ebay, as so many of my contemporaries do.
We'll see what happens! If you like this, you can click here to bid.

Since this is pastel and not oil (yet!) I'm including the frame, a black contemporary look from Ikea... (photo was taken without the glass, so the spotlight wouldn't glare. This frame will have glass!)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carol Marine Workshop - Oil Still Life

I'm a bit late in posting this news, but earlier this month I had my first experience with oil paint since college more than 20 years ago! I'm glad I waited for a true professional to learn from. Carol Marine is that!
It was a 5-day workshop, and a great group of students. I didn't have time this evening to scan my paintings from the week, but I wanted to at least get this, our favorite of Carol's demos, posted. This was from the last day and we all wanted to see her paint an egg...

...Prepare to be enthralled!!

Here was her set-up.

*Sigh* Someday I'll be able to paint like this! ...And with oil too!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sketching on my IPad

My new toy that I got myself for Christmas was an IPad. I finally had time to check out the fun apps available and I'm thrilled with "Penultimate." I tried it out as a sketch pad at my daughter's Girl Scout meeting, and I had so much fun doing 10-second sketches of the girls (they didn't know I was drawing, so of course, were not holding still!) I decided to post them.
That touch-screen is so responsive! Great fun 'finger-drawing!'

Some of these were about 5 seconds!
This girl was dancing, but I thought this pose looked like her arm was resting on a shelf..
This was my son and another girl's brother, playing chess. I actually did this one first. This one took about 10 minutes.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Website Feature on

Artists In Pastel is a blog created for the purpose of reviewing the websites of artists who work in pastel. The blog manager, who was introduced to my work through a friend of a friend, contacted me just yesterday with the request to list my site.
This blog aims to be a comprehensive, international list of artists who express themselves wholly or substantially in pastel.

Check out my listing here!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Almost a Teenager" new pastel painting

Here is "Almost a Teenager", pastel, 36x24. This was my day-long marathon on Sunday last, working for the deadline of the Austin Pastel Society national juried exhibit.
This is my daughter at 11. The expression is all hers!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Demo for the Central Texas Pastel Society

This morning I did a demo for the CTPS, up in Georgetown, Texas. Everyone enjoyed my koi developing on my toned pumice-primed board. Thank You to Charles Roush for the photos! I'll post it again when it's finished - probably next month.
Tomorrow it's a marathon of painting to finish my entry to the Austin Pastel Society annual juried exhibit... more on that Monday!