Monday, April 26, 2010

Marble Falls "Paint The Town" Plein Air event

The 5th Annual "Paint The Town" Plein Air Event in Marble Falls, TX, took place earlier this month, April 16-18. (I'm a little late posting my photos!)
I had planned again to paint a panoramic of Main Street, which seems to be settling in as my tradition, by my 3rd year now. Back at the north end of the street, where I was in 2008, I decided that the vantage point I needed as a change was from the tailgate of my truck!
It worked rather well actually.

Here's the painting after about the first hour.

It threatened a downpour all morning, but luckily all we got was some scattered drizzle.

Here it is almost finished.

"A Rainy Day on Main" (7x17 pastel.) This one didn't win anything this year, but it did go for a good amount in the silent auction, and helped pay for my new V...Vaughan landscape!

"Backbone Creek" (9x9 pastel) I painted on friday afternoon. The actual creek was quite overgrown, with branches sticking out everywhere! I didn't even think of photographing it.
This viewpoint caught me because of the hint of a bright field around the bend. Ms. Vaughan liked it too - she gave it 4th place!

Here was Virginia Vaughan's wall of paintings from her "Last Year on the Farm." It was advertised as 50 paintings, but I counted close to 70!
You can see her paintings in this series here:

Here's V...Vaughan's "July 7, 2006" and the newest gem in MY collection! Isn't it gorgeous? (oil, 6x8)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Page with InfinityArtGallery

My page at InfinityArtGallery is up! I have some new works that no one has seen yet -- take a look!

Giclees at Grape Juice in Kerrville, TX

4 of my famous cow series giclees will be displayed in a new, hip wine bar called Grape Juice, in downtown Kerrville, Texas.

These will be part of a special "Art of Texas Preview Show" April 14 - May 5 for a few specially juried artists will will be displaying at the Texas Sate Arts & Crafts Fair later in May.

If you happen to be near Kerrville, stop in, sample their great wine, unique beer and simple food, and see the show. All the art will be for sale!

See the grape Juice website HERE! See their Facebook Page HERE!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Cowgirl in Old Frame

This week I've been working on re-filling some old frames, in a vain effort to clear out some clutter and get rid of old, icky artwork. This new Cowgirl is about 13x17, made to fit in an ivory double mat and a very nice 16x20 handmade mesquite frame with copper stars which until recently held an old cowboy portrait due for recycling!

Unfortunately, when it was finished, I didn't like it in the mat. In my painting enthusiasm, I'd created a lovely vignette effect around the portrait which I now did not want to cover up.

I had 2 other old mats in the closet that would fit the frame, and I surveyed some friends for opinions...

Well, the object of this exercise was to re-cycle and save some money on framing, but it looks like I'll be finding some new matting for this one. Popular opinion also liked more of the paper showing, but the 3rd mat, which does this, is not the right dimensions for a vertical format. I might try a small linen liner...

*sigh* ...The things we go through for our artwork! But then, presentation (or "packaging") CAN make or break a work of art, and I've gotten a lot pickier as my artwork improves.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

First and Second at the Austin Pastel Society

I was thrilled to get the call a couple weeks ago as I was headed up to Dallas (for the snow-fated weekend of Artscape) to hear that I had won BIG at the Austin Pastel Society's Juried Exhibition this year. This has been my favorite show to compete in since jump-starting my career with Best of Show back in 2004.

And a finer group of talented artists I have not yet seen! Each year it becomes a greater challenge to win something in this show as the skill of the members increases, but that's what I love the most - the challenge pushes my work to new heights. Last year I made the time to paint more than I have in a long while, and it's been a great feeling to have recognition for the improvements that result from putting in the work hours. There's nothing like a brand new easel and a set of Great American Artworks pastels (Yes! APS has the BEST prizes!) to inspire one to start working on NEXT year's show pieces!

Of course, who knows really what works I'll have ready in January of 2011, but if I paint something every day (well, ok, every week at least..) what I'll end up with by then will be something better than this year's crop. The real fun is the adventure of the process!

"Bride's Maid", 6x8 pastel, First in Show.

"Black Coat", 20x24 pastel, Second in Show.

The show is at the Chase Bank Building Corridor of Art, 7th and Lavaca, Austin Tx, until May 2, 2010.

New Brag - 2cd Place Win

"Bride's Maid" has a 2cd Place win at Infinity Art Gallery's Spring Expo; see here

Wonderful comment from the juror; I may have to steal a quote!