Monday, April 26, 2010

Marble Falls "Paint The Town" Plein Air event

The 5th Annual "Paint The Town" Plein Air Event in Marble Falls, TX, took place earlier this month, April 16-18. (I'm a little late posting my photos!)
I had planned again to paint a panoramic of Main Street, which seems to be settling in as my tradition, by my 3rd year now. Back at the north end of the street, where I was in 2008, I decided that the vantage point I needed as a change was from the tailgate of my truck!
It worked rather well actually.

Here's the painting after about the first hour.

It threatened a downpour all morning, but luckily all we got was some scattered drizzle.

Here it is almost finished.

"A Rainy Day on Main" (7x17 pastel.) This one didn't win anything this year, but it did go for a good amount in the silent auction, and helped pay for my new V...Vaughan landscape!

"Backbone Creek" (9x9 pastel) I painted on friday afternoon. The actual creek was quite overgrown, with branches sticking out everywhere! I didn't even think of photographing it.
This viewpoint caught me because of the hint of a bright field around the bend. Ms. Vaughan liked it too - she gave it 4th place!

Here was Virginia Vaughan's wall of paintings from her "Last Year on the Farm." It was advertised as 50 paintings, but I counted close to 70!
You can see her paintings in this series here:

Here's V...Vaughan's "July 7, 2006" and the newest gem in MY collection! Isn't it gorgeous? (oil, 6x8)

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