Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Baby (Pencil Portrait)

"New Year Baby" (conte and pastel pencil, 8x10 inches)  sold

So here's my most New-Year-ish portrait for today's post. Isn't she adorable? This is the newest Great-Niece of a client who has several portrait drawings from me over the years. I've changed the baby's name here to protect her privacy.

I hope that the New Year brings all of you much Health, Happiness and lots of Power-Naps!

(For information on commissioning a portrait like this one, visit RitaKirkmanDrawings.com)


Monday, December 30, 2013

Familial Bliss in Southwest Art Magazine

"Familial Bliss"  (pastel, 22x28 inches)

Here's my other painting in Southwest Art this January 2014 issue! This one I submitted for my half-page paid advertisement that was part of the 'deal' for the half-page editorial and publishing of the award-winner "4 And a Half Sheep". But hey, it was a two-for-one at a really good price!

"Familial Bliss", my latest large cow painting, is on page 86.

I have progress shots on my first post of this painting, Here.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

4 And a Half Sheep in Southwest Art

"4 And a Half Sheep"  (pastel, 16x16 inches)  sold

My goodness, where did December go?? I'm so rusty at posting I'm getting tongue-tied (key-tied?) Anyway, I had a busy month of pencil portrait commissions (some of which I will post in the next days) and I have no new pastel animal 'dailies' yet, but I wanted to brag about my painting in Southwest Art Magazine.. "4 And a Half Sheep" is included in their Juror's Choice section highlighting some of the winners of the Artist's Magazine Annual Art Competition (mine was a Finalist) and is on page 64. I got a Half Page with some editorial!

You can order the issue at northlightshop.com. (in print or instant download!)

PS: I'm happy to report that my collarbone is healing up as expected. The bone is well-knitted and time will straighten it out. I've begun the process of rejuvenating the muscles which seems to be as long and slow a process as the bone healing was. They have me using the pulley, and will start me on some real exercises on Tuesday. But I feel slight improvements each day, and tonight was able to wash my hair with both hands!