Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preparing for my solo show, and how the cows outsold the chicks.

As some of you may know, I just did 2 very fine Fine Art Fairs in a row: The Bayou City Art Fest Oct 10-11 and the Georgetown Art in The Square Oct 17-18.
In this economy, small works are selling best, and so my favorite size has quickly become the 5x7. Since I was OUT of 5x7 paintings after these 2 fine fairs, I decide to refresh my inventory, starting with these 4 new landscapes, since the only frames I had left were ones I had determined would look best on landscapes (I tend to buy my frames first, then paint for the frames. Many artists do this.)

Here are (at left) are "Texas Hills 4"

"Texas Hills 5"

"Texas Hills 6"

and "West Texas 4"

These are the first of many small works to be the main "fillers" for my solo show in New Braunfels, Nov 6-30, 2009

So the cows outsold the chicks, you wonder? That was an amusing thought I had after the Art in The Square last weekend, when all the rest of my 5x7 cows sold out, and all I was left with (of the 5x7's) was one lonely painting of some chicks.

I decide to post them all here, even though all these cows have sold, I think they're all cute enough to put on record.

Here is "Terrence"

and "Ollie"


"Granger" and "Buddy"


and "Alda"

Here, by the way, are the chicks that no one wanted (yet!) titled "From a Chick's Viewpoint" (5x7)
These cuties will be able to be in my solo show with all my new stuff!

More postings to come soon!