Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sketching on my IPad

My new toy that I got myself for Christmas was an IPad. I finally had time to check out the fun apps available and I'm thrilled with "Penultimate." I tried it out as a sketch pad at my daughter's Girl Scout meeting, and I had so much fun doing 10-second sketches of the girls (they didn't know I was drawing, so of course, were not holding still!) I decided to post them.
That touch-screen is so responsive! Great fun 'finger-drawing!'

Some of these were about 5 seconds!
This girl was dancing, but I thought this pose looked like her arm was resting on a shelf..
This was my son and another girl's brother, playing chess. I actually did this one first. This one took about 10 minutes.


  1. Hi Rita, these are impressive sketches especially for the speed you did them in. I like Penultimate too but was wondering if you have tried ArtRage or any of the other 'natural materials' type of app on your iPad yet?

    It would be fun to see if you could replicate your gorgeous Pastels on the iPad.

    We have a great group over at Flickr full of iPad created artwork if you would like to have a look: and we cover a lot of these apps and other Creative uses for the iPad on our blog at


  2. VERY NICE!!! You are great with figures...all kinds!!!