Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Better to Hear You With, My Dear!

"The Better to Hear You With, My Dear!"  (pastel, 16x16 inches)  $990 Available at The Gallery at Round Top

Well, it's almost 2am and I'm finally getting this blogged! This is the one I wanted to post today and turns out it's the only image I forgot to upload to dropbox for the weekend. So this is the photo off my camera, cropped and brightened with a newly-downloaded Gimpshop, and that took so long, to heck with the progress shots. Sorry (not really).

I've been up since 6am (Thursday), had a hair appt, took another frame to my framer, stopped at the health store, shipped some art to a client Fedex, sewed a large padded bag for my 36x36 painting, resized and uploaded 6 small paintings and progress shots to dropbox (but not this one! ha!), loaded the truck, picked up the last 2 paintings from my framer, drove to Houston, checked in and set up in Memorial Park (canopy, walls, lights, large paintings hung) Thank goodness the fest doesn't open til Noon tomorrow. But I still need to be there by 10 to finish setting up and hanging the small stuff.

So hope all you south-Texans and visitors can come by the Bayou City Art Festival this weekend, March 27-29, and see all the wonderful art spread around Picnic Drive in Memorial Park! Find me in booth #3!

(Updated 4/10/15 -- progress shots!)
This dear deer survived the BCAF without finding a buyer, so she'll be part of my show Beauty of the Beast at the Rockport Art Center, May 14 - June 13, 2015...

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