Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Quiet Time (and the 100@100 for Wimberley Flood Victims)

"Quiet Time"  (pastel, 13x10 inches) donated

Here's a blast from the past; one of my very first still life paintings after starting my efforts to seriously improve my artwork, back in 2002. My first step was ongoing classes with pastel artist Mary Johnson at the Coppini Academy of Fine Art in San Antonio (where I lived back then.) I'd been working with pastel since I was 11, but after college was mostly doing commissioned portraits from client photos... Great for learning how to copy stuff, but NOT the best venue for creativity or learning the nuances of composition and design and other principles of great art.

Drawn from life, this one was always one of my favorites, especially the glasses resting on the book! I have a few handfuls of these old favorite paintings that never found buyers, and have been digging them up from the depths of my messy studio, in the wake of the recent massive flooding in Wimberley Texas (just 20 minutes up the road from me!) to support a special one-day show that will be hosted by the Wimberley Valley Art League on Saturday, June 27. "100@100" will feature 100 (or more) paintings priced at $100. A few larger and special pieces will be available at a silent auction. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Barnabas Connection for Wimberley Flood Victims.

Visit the Wimberley Valley Art League site for more information on this special exhibit and how you can help! (Contact them to ask if they will be posting all artworks on a webpage or FB page! -- I'm pushing for this! ;)
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