Thursday, April 20, 2017


"Easterland"  (pastel, 6x8 inches) click here to bid or buy 

My Easter Sunday demo from last weekend's workshop in Lee's Summit, MO. Starting with a single-primed board (with one layer of my gold pastel primer already applied) I underpainted with warm-toned pastels and washed them in with mineral spirits..

Then I decided I would try a limited palette exercise, and only use my new Unison John's Set which I'd had for months and hadn't broken in yet. I was joking with my students earlier that I'd been meaning to use them for a long time, but I had those symptoms that so many of us pastel artists get with a new set and kept making the excuse "Oh, they're just too beautiful to break!"

So with encouragement, I used them for this landscape. I so rarely get out of my comfort zone this way that I did have some moments of frustration when I couldn't go any darker than the set's medium-dark greenish blue, and also when I realized the set has no warm greens! After just a few minutes, I had to turn off the photograph, and then things went more smoothly. I reminded myself that this was the same image I had used in Marla Bagetta's little workshop at the last IAPS, and I had done 6 tiny variations then.

I just kept layering up the proper values, and used the underpainting to keep a hint of warmth.
 I ended up using 12 of the 18 colors in John's Set by Unison.

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