Sunday, June 3, 2018

Cactus Blossom #3

"Cactus Blossom #3" (pastel, approx. 12x9 inches) click here to bid or buy

This was my first warm-up last weekend at The Painter's Cabin in Kerrville. There was a glorious prickly pear cactus growing right by the road, resplendent with flowers and bees (bees not shown.) It caught my eye immediately so I decided to make a part of it my first painting of the weekend.

I've only done two other cactus flowers, those were waaaay back in 2004... Both were done on the rough side of Canson, on red, and black, respectively.
"Cactus Blossom #1" (pastel, 12x9, 2004) sold

"Cactus Blossom #2" (pastel, 12x9, 2004) available

I believe this one was done on a pale gray Pastelmat.

 Pastel under painting washed in with water..

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