Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Land Studies 3 and 4 (Summer Twilight and Winter Morning) - now at The Carriage House Gallery

"Land Study 3" (pastel, 3x3 inches)
"Land Study 4" (pastel, 3x3 inches)
I had originally done six little studies in a workshop with Marla Baggetta - super fun! From our own photos we picked one scene but painted it several times with variations in colors, values, etc. These are the two I did while thinking of extremes in value scales. My "dark" scheme made me think of nighttime, so I added some fireflies. My "light" scheme I think of as a misty winter morning.

So, my personal subtitles for these are "Summer Twilight" and "Winter Morning"! They make a great pair, and are now available at The Carriage House Gallery in Boerne, Texas! Come and see them at our reception this Saturday, January 12, 2019, 4-8pm.

The Carriage House Gallery
110 Rosewood Ave., Boerne, TX

Both are classically framed, 8x10 with 8-ply museum matting!

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