Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Small Glade, Morning (and another Terri Ford demo!)

"Small Glade, Morning"  (pastel, 6x6 inches)  click here to bid

On Sunday I decided to pare down my efforts to a more comfortable size (for me.) Here's the first of 4 small 6x6 paintings I worked on after Terri's morning demo. This image is from the same photo as yesterday's, but a little more to the left. I used local color for my underpainting.

Below is Terri Ford's demo from Sunday She used a combination of local color and complimentary color for her underpainting:

Washing in the underpainting with denatured alcohol:

  Here's the beginning of sky with soft pastels after the underpainting is washed in:

This is as far as Terri got in the morning. She did work on it a bit more but I forgot to get another shot:

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