Monday, May 27, 2013

Miss Lilly Rose

"Miss Lilly Rose"  (pastel, 15x8 inches)  $1375

Well, I've learned my lesson from the last post, never to mention the weather in advance. South central Texas from San Antonio up past Austin and miles to the east and west of IH-35 received massive amounts of rain, severe thunderstorms and flash flooding all weekend long. Kerrville had a 40% chance of rain, and sure enough, it rained just about exactly 40% of the weekend.

Thanks to my excellent weekend in Houston last month, and my imminent solo show, I wasn't too bummed with the low sales. It helped a lot that it did not rain during closing and tear-down time!

View from my booth, midday Saturday

Artists socializing

 So now my attention is on my solo show in Breckenridge, TX, for which I have to deliver 25+ works this Friday. I almost have my list complete, and am even trying to finish 2 new pieces by Thursday. "Miss Lilly Rose" will be there!

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