Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Haley May - A Portrait Commission

"Haley May" (pastel, 40x24 inches) private commission

I have an excellent client who owns one of my largest cow paintings and some smaller ones. A couple years ago I did a portrait of his granddaughter, Bella. Last year he commissioned one for his youngest daughter Haley May, and between his schedule and mine, we finally had the pickup scheduled! "Haley May" will be gracing the mantle of his new home (when it's finished being built..!)

"Bella in the Bluebonnets" (pastel, 8x10)
Want to know the best part? Both of the photo references were from this client's own collection! I love a client who gives me such good material to work with, and who has the finances for a job that will do justice to the image and the subject!

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