Friday, August 23, 2013

'The Aunts' on British Greeting Card!

"The Aunts"  (pastel, 24x24 inches) sold

I have a fun brag from this summer that I want to share! My first licensing deal! Woodmansterne, a prominent British greeting card publisher, found this painting of mine online a few months ago, and contacted me about using it on one of their blank cards. After making sure they were a legitimate company (because you never know!) I was excited to accept their offer!

Last week, I received 12 comp cards by airmail, and sent 6 of them off to the collector of "The Aunts." I've been told I can purchase more at the artist discount of 15% off of 'trade' (the Brit term for 'wholesale' I think... and am still trying to find out from them how much that actually is...) but my contact has said one can inquire to their customer service to find retailers in your area: I'm still waiting to hear from them about that, but it has been only a couple days. I just couldn't wait to brag!
To inquire about this card specifically, they have named it "3 of a kind" (by Rita Kirkman) on the back.
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