Tuesday, August 20, 2013

View From T's House

"View From T's House"  (pastel, 6x6 inches)  private collection

After several days of settling in back home after travel (and why does that always seen to be more difficult every year?) here's the last painting from the trip. This is one view out my sister's kitchen window. Since I was spreading my pastels across her table for a day or two (and eating her incredible cooking for four days) I wanted to leave her a little thank you. And she does have an inspiring view! Sure, it's just a golf course, but beautifully landscaped.

On this day the sun was being dodgy, couldn't decide whether to shine or hide, so I caught just hints of shadows from the trees.

I painted this 'plein aire' from out the window, but here's a shot of the scene as my camera saw it:

I chose not to 'see' the huge white tent-like buildings.

Here are some progress shots:
Starting on mounted Wallis, I washed in the pastel underpainting with denatured alcohol.

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